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What do you do ?

i am a professor at university .
I teach architectural desgin there
i have had more than 200 students since i started my career as a university teacher

i have my own business.
i have launched an architecture firm since May 2012

how can people contact you?

Via Instagram WhatsApp email

which fields do you work?

Architectural design-consulting-training-sales

what softwares are you sepecialized at?

Vray_max _autocad-Revit

how do you offer your training classes?

we offer our classes in person and online

do you also work as a contractor ?

yes i carry out hands-on work to implement our designs

which one do you think is more important? creativity or feasibility??

Both are complementary

who is your favourite architect?

Zaha Hadid

Will you do projects outside the province or the country?


what types of architecture projects have you done so far?

Residential such as single-family homes, villas and office buildings