Hi, I'm mohsen and I have specialty in these fields:


Fashion Design

V-Ray is a professional plugin for 3D Max

Indeed V-Ra as a rendering engine

it provides realistic renderings of scenes by analyzing light

shadows and special materials.
V-Ray is installed on the software Rhino


Maya,Cinama4D and 3d Max.

Shoes Design

Revit has the ability to see 4D Bim and It has the tools to plan and track different stages of the life cycle from idea creation to construction and finally destruction
Revit has the simplicity and high speed of simultaneous drawing 2D and 3D
Fast conversion of maps from phase one to phase two is possible
Conducting climate studies
Having different inputs and outputs to communicate with other software

Sandal Design

Interior design is the process of forming and coordinating the aesthetic features of the building from the inside with the aim of meeting the necessary needs for its easier use

Jewelry Design


Reconstruction of activities performed on a building in order to increase the life of the building

To maintain a durable structure, it is worn out.

 One of the reasons for the reconstruction is the inability of people to buy a villa or a new house.

Fashion Modeling

Facade design has a great impact on people's perception of the quality and construction of any construction project. The exterior of the building is the identity of a building that should be consistent with the facade of adjacent buildings

Fashion Show

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